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Feeling hungry?

Feeling hungry?

Marilyn Fletcher and Carmel Byrne are the proud owners of Tara Hill Suri Alpaca Stud in Victoria, Australia. Marilyn made the tree change from the business world of Melbourne. She manages the farm full-time. Carmel is a full-time teacher. Both Marilyn and Carmel have always loved animals and enjoyed being surrounded by nature. Alpacas seemed like the perfect way to combine business and pleasure. They chose to breed suri because they are a rare breed and their silk like fleece is in high demand by the fashion industry.

Marilyn and Carmel continually strive to improve their elite Suri alpaca herd; breeding for fineness, density, lustre and independence of lock on well-conformed, healthy, happy animals. To further capitalise on the excellent genetics of their animals, they participate in the Embryo Transfer Programme with Dr Jane Vaughan.

They have had outstanding success in the show ring with both their animals and fleece.